Four Corners Creative
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Kate is originally from Kansas and has been a professional performer since the age of 6 when she had the privilege to share the stage with Bob McGrath from Sesame Street. She also fell in love with teaching kids through the performing arts as a summer camp director and knew she'd found her passion. She graduated from the prestigious Belmont University in Nashville, TN with dual degrees in Vocal Performance and Music Education K-12. Four Corners Creative is a true community and family and it's a privilege to be the founder of such a wonderful organization.


Four Corners Creative began in the most unlikely of places. After living and performing in Nashville TN, our founder, Kate moved to NYC and started teaching in many popular studios around the city. At the end of that first year a family approached Kate and asked if she would start private lessons in their apartment as the studio atmosphere was too competitive. This is where the name of her company originated...she started with only four students that she keeps in touch with to this day! She had no intention of starting a company, but many of her students and their parents simply loved Kate's fun, enthusiastic energy and the safe space she created in her classes. Kate saw a great need for a place that was not competitive and taught the arts in a fun atmosphere that promoted confidence, leadership and critical life skills. Families began requesting that Kate continue teaching their children through private lessons at home. That was the start of Four Corners Creative! Private lessons in living rooms quickly turned into small studio classes. Small studio classes swiftly turned into contributing to after school programs around the city. Now, Four Corners Creative offers its services to many of the most prestigious schools in NYC and also provides wonderful studio classes each week on the UES and UWS of Manhattan and beyond! To this day, Kate instills in all of her teachers the skills needed to be exceptional educators that bring warmth and compassion to every classroom, in return, allowing each student’s unique light to shine!

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At Four Corners Creative, your child will learn from working performing arts professionals and teaching artists in classes that have been developed by music education specialists, speech therapists, and occupational therapists to provide the best overall experience and education platform. Our teachers are skilled in education, dance, acting, singing, and overall growth and leadership training. We encourage a positive, inclusive and affirming learning environment for all!

Most importantly, this is your child’s time to shine! We have catered our classes to fit every students needs. Every child is encouraged to meet their potential by taking a variety of classes we provide. From ballet, to acting, music and even yoga - we provide your child with ample opportunities to find their best fit, and grow! Our company was created to nurture confidence, leadership skills and help build the next generation of world changers....we are grateful for the opportunity to teach and hope to see your little one in class soon!